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  • 0001 Road to Nowhere: Maine, United States
  • 16TYy1M He read and re-read the paper, fearing the worst...
  • bvr-459_046 All night a wide-awake watch was kept by all...
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5 abril, 2014 • Views: 38

Video post: Chicago – The Great American City

Passepartout made it a point, as he made his purchases, to take a good look at the city. It was formerly defended by a noble fort, which has since become a state prison; its commerce has dwindled

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Link post: I was overjoyed to see the high trees

4 diciembre, 2013 • Views: 16

Image posts – Another Post Format

10 noviembre, 2012 • Views: 22


25 abril, 2014 • Views: 23

While now the fated Pequod had been so long afloat this voyage

Image Credit With a blow from the top-maul Ahab knocked off the steel head of the lance, and then handing to the mate the long iron rod remaining, bade him hold it upright, without its touching the

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Polar Circle Trip

6 septiembre, 2013 • Views: 61

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